All Zoology/Animal Biology

If you love both animals and science, you have a wide range of suitable majors to choose from: veterinary medicine, ecology, animal husbandry, and wildlife management to name a few. Zoology or animal biology encompasses many of the same elements found in these.​Zoology focuses on the animals themselves rather than how they fit into the greater scheme of things. An undergraduate degree will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of how they function as organisms, from the molecular level right up to each species’ traits and characteristics.  To this end, you’ll also receive a good grounding in general science, enabling you to pursue other studies or careers in the future.​A zoologist or animal biologist may specialize in a certain type of animal – herpetology, ornithology, primatology, etc. – or a broader field like embryo development, physiology, histology, or genetics. Regardless of their focus, they will gain a strong foundation in laboratory work and research methods, including statistics and studying animals in their natural habitats.​Aside from having research skills and the patience this requires, zoologists tend to be very observant. Small details of animal behavior and the environment they live in often provide important clues. Ideally, they are also solution-orientated and eager to find ways of simplifying research questions or deal with ecological problems.