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Architecture Masters: What Are the Options in Europe?

Relevance: 21%      Posted on: October 14, 2020

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts today, 99% Invisible, and when I realized we've never really focused on one of my favorite subjects, architecture. If you're interested in learning about the options for architecture masters in Europe you're in the right place. The podcast episode talked about kidney shaped swimming pools, the birth of skateboarding, and concluded with an interesting connection with education in Europe that I won't spoil. I'll also plug another favorite episode from  99% Invisible on La Sagrada Família in Barcelona.  The story of this building combines intrigue, adventure, the Spanish Civil War, and…

Wrapping My Head Around Problem Based Learning

Relevance: 21%      Posted on: November 10, 2020

I’ve received several emails since my last blog asking about Sam’s program at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Just like the full university name (I’ve been told that Erasmus University is not accurate, without the Rotterdam at the end…), the program name is also a mouthful. Sam is in the Management of International Social Challenges program.  Students in this program learn about international problems that are multidisciplinary in nature. These include issues like “migration, pandemics, terrorism, climate change, economic stability, international crime”, and more. Students learn to look at and analyze these issues through the lens of a variety of disciplines, including…

Is a Degree from Europe “Good” in the US?

Relevance: 20%      Posted on: January 19, 2021

I often get questions about whether a degree from Europe will be “good” in the US.. Degree accreditation and recognition can be confusing, so today I’d like to dive into this a bit. Let’s start with accreditation. Accreditation is basically a stamp of approval by an accrediting agency that deems that university programs have met certain standards set out by whoever the accreditor is. The most important thing is to make sure that the accrediting body is recognized by the country of the university. In most countries, other than the US, accreditation is granted by a governmental body which is…

Four Tips to Navigate European College Admissions

Relevance: 19%      Posted on: March 31, 2017

My 16-year-old son, Sam, recently came home from school and said he needed my assistance choosing his courses for next year. I was intrigued, given that most of my advice is unsolicited and met with resistance, and also because he wanted to talk before he even made his giant bowl of ramen or cereal for his after school snack. It seems that the counselor spoke to his class about the college admissions process and course registration for next year and Sam had fallen victim to some of the fear mongering.  He began asking me if he should take certain classes…

Do You Have What It Takes?

Relevance: 19%      Posted on: November 14, 2015

Over the past months, I’ve talked to many American students who have graduated from, or are currently enrolled, in bachelor’s programs in Europe. We’ve talked a lot about the traits that make a  successful student in Europe. Students across the spectrum pointed to a number of the same qualities needed to succeed. Though these qualities are all distinct, I believe the combination is a crucial component for success as an international student in Europe. 1. Curiosity and Openness This student is curious about the world, about knowledge, about other people’s experiences, opinions and points of view. She seeks out information about…

Terms to Know

Relevance: 17%      Posted on: October 30, 2015

When I started to document the colleges in Europe with English-taught degree programs, I realized that there were many terms and concepts I needed to understand before I could delve in too deeply. Though it’s not especially exciting information, exploring possibilities for studying in Europe can be overwhelming without knowledge on these topics. Below is some of the information you need to know before you start this journey. Bologna Process Codifies Studying in Europe Things have changed a lot in European higher education in the past couple of decades. In 1999, the Bologna declaration was signed by Education Ministers from…

Viemont Family Plans

Relevance: 17%      Posted on: September 28, 2019

Ellie and I have been in Malaysia for the last four weeks and are finishing up our time in Bali.  It’s actually been a scouting trip since we (along with Tom) will be moving to Malaysia in the spring.  I’m often asked why we are moving and why Malaysia. The short answer is that Tom and I have always dreamed of living abroad. Ellie is 100% on board with this plan, but Sam wanted to finished high school in the US, so  we waited for him to get off to college and then sold our house this past spring and…


Relevance: 14%      Posted on: December 19, 2020