Triple Crown

Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular place to study. It is an extremely varied country with an impressive history and geography. Part of its landmass is in Europe and the other part is in Asia. Overall, Turkey is known for its spectacular sites, tasty cuisine, and hospitable people. Turkey sits in the southeastern corner of Europe and has a number of land and sea borders. To the east are the borders of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. To the south are Iraq and Syria, and finally, to the northwest are Greece and Bulgaria. In addition, the north of the country faces the Black Sea, while parts of the south and west are bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. All of these different borders make Turkey an ideal place to travel from. Turkey has one of Europe’s most extreme climates. In the summer, many low-lying areas reach temperatures in the 80s and 90s, while there are a number of cold mountainous areas that see winter temperatures below freezing. The warm summer temperatures entice many tourists to the coastal areas. Turkey attracts around 30,000 international students each year. Nearly all of the English-taught programs in Turkey are located in Istanbul. The higher education system in Turkey is internationally recognized. In particular, technical universities have built up a good international reputation. Unfortunately, there are some safety concerns when studying in Turkey. There have been strong political tensions over the past few years, with frequent rioting and occasionally violent protests against the government. There are also some ethnic tensions between Turks and Kurds, which have been ongoing for many years. With Syria to the south, there are also concerns that Turkey may get involved in the Syrian conflict. However, Turkey is still a relatively safe place to visit and live, which is shown by the huge number of tourists that visit the country each year