All Archaeology

A love for picking up old things is not by itself a good reason to go into archaeology: the bigger part of the work isn’t digging up stuff but classifying, categorizing, and trying to draw conclusions about what you may find. ​Ancient deserts are not the only places they excavate, either. Second-world war battlefields, prohibition tunnels, and usual settlements from all over the world are found and preserved for future generations. In fact, our history as a species would not be nearly as rich or honest if archaeologists did not ply their trade.​If you wish to do your part for a more accurate history, you will need to have immense reserves of patience for conducting interminable research through obscure sources. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach is almost mandatory, as archaeologists make use of both the latest technological tools and slow-and-steady digging techniques. Finally, you’ll need to develop the ability to construct hypotheses based on the few clues you may find at a dig or in a museum and try to reconcile them with existing bodies of theory.