All Digital Business

A full 25.4% of all business in the United States is done online. Similar statistics apply to Europe and much of Asia, while e-commerce continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the Third World.​While nobody is suggesting that we throw out the entire traditional business playbook, a graduate with a specialized degree in digital business automatically has an advantage in the modern world of commerce. Understanding digital marketing, the business role of social media, how to take advantage of the economies of scale offered by the internet, plus more technical issues like cybersecurity and software development, will enable you to work anywhere in the world. English-language degree courses are available for a fraction of similar programs in the U.S, including in Oslo and Berlin.​Ordinary business courses, like marketing, human resources, and accounting are also strongly represented. Students will also receive exposure to advanced topics that will be necessary to overcome the digital challenges of tomorrow, such as data science and artificial intelligence.