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Rather than focusing their efforts on studying individual organisms, ecologists try to sketch the complex relationships between them, their physical environment, and human activities. ​Ecology graduates may work in:​Conservation and protecting sensitive habitatsUrban planningAgriculture and forestryFisheriesCommunity healthWaste managementRehabilitating damaged ecosystems, such as former mines​A bachelor’s degree in ecology will give you a thorough grounding in organic and inorganic chemistry, biology, zoology, genetics, and other life sciences. This is a good option for a pre-med course. These are rounded out with subjects like geology, hydrology, and economics – ecologists are usually generalists capable of fulfilling multiple roles, from natural resource management to coordinating conservation efforts.​A love of nature and the scientific method are requirements for this career. A student considering ecology should be prepared for a significant amount of fieldwork, sometimes under challenging conditions.