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  • Overall: Very Good
    In my experience at Anglo-American University (AAU), the overall atmosphere has been quite positive. Notably, the university boasts a diverse student body I find this to be true with the main representation of students being from the US, EU, and Asia, creating an international and inclusive environment.

    Total Cost: Average
    Considering the financial aspect, as an American student, the total cost is approximately $5320. USD per semester as of February 2024. While the tuition is reasonable for US students, those financing their education independently might find it relatively expensive. Also please keep in mind that FAFSA pell grant is not possible and you are only allowed to take out the FAFSA loans . AAU has recently been approved for the GI Bill, please keep in mind that the administration is still learning so your best option is to contact the GI education line if you have any questions as they would be able to help you best.

    Quality of Programs: Average
    The quality of academic programs varies among disciplines. From my experience the Humanities and IR students liked their classes, professors, etc , while there are mixed opinions, particularly in the business program. In the Business program so far I felt like I’ve learned not that much and the quality of the program is poor as compared to my peers in the other majors.

    Campus: Excellent
    AAU’s campus provides a community like atmosphere, similar to a high school in size, you will always see the same faces and be able to know your classmates and professors. The school is located in Prague 1 near the Prague Castles and close to a garden which has peacocks and are nice to walk through in between classes. Also a frequent spot among students to study and professors is the library or Cafe Des Taxis both are mostly always busy.

    Student Life: Excellent
    The student life at AAU is nice, thanks to the efforts of the student president and council. Various clubs and activities, such as laser tag, professor in the pub, trivia, beer pong competition etc. There are also a lot of clubs such as film watchers club, rock climbing, dance, and more.

    Classes and Social Life
    Classes involve 3-hour classes with a 15-minute break, primarily conducted in person you will have about 5 course per week . Professors are approachable, and the small class sizes make it nice to have your questions answered in class and not be nervous as opposed to a big lecture hall. The difficulty of the professors vary from professor to professor but I’ve found the classes easy to pass as long as you keep on top of your work. However, I would say that the communication could improve as some teachers do not reply at all or as quick but if you kindly send a follow up email they should reply. This is common among tons of schools though as teachers are busy and have multiple classes.

    The administrative department is responsive during the prospective student phase. However, after enrollment, I’ve noticed some delays in communication. It’s important to note that AAU is a relatively new institution, and administrative processes seem to be being worked out.

    Nostrification is an optional process that can provide access to the Czech job market, Erasmus opportunities, and a dual-accredited degree. While the process is expensive long process and involves exams, its benefits may be valuable to some students.

    Housing & Facilities
    AAU partners with Zeitraum for housing, but you might want to explore booking not through AAU as some of my classmates paid less for more space. Also the roommate matching is done through a google forms ehre you answer various questions to find your roommate but I’ve found that you might have better luck on Instagram searching for “AAU class of ” whatever year you’re applying for . Facilities include tutoring services, nostrification specialist, visa help and other services. Additionally, there are also therapy services available, all these services are pretty much free as they have already been covered within the tuition fees.

    In sum, I would recommend AAU for students considering IR or Humanities but would probably reconsider if you are interested in obtaining a degree in business as it is less organized compared to the other schools. Overall, I appreciate AAU for uniting a diverse group of people that have become my closest friends.

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