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  • Our son, Henry was interested in the Sports and Exercise program at UCAM. Murcia used to be a Ryan Air hub but it is not anymore. It is a bit hard to travel to and from. It is very Spanish which is wonderful but many of the international student-athletes they talk about online are not there that often (or ever) because they are athletes, so they are “virtual.” It would be a very immersive experience for an international student and that is wonderful but seemed worth mentioning as the region is a big remote. We traveled there last October to experience the school in session and we are glad we did. It was one of the programs where we thought it was going to fit our son’s needs perfectly but there were a lot of surprises. The weather is perfect in this region. It has the most days of sunshine in all of Europe. The food is divine and the region is the most affordable of all the universities we looked at but our son did not select the school. Murcia is a region AND a city and the region is big so when you see the beaches of Murcia they are about an hour’s drive from the university toward Cartagena.

    We learned when we arrived that while the university is housed in a beautiful historic monastery, the sports program is up the road a bit in an unused portion of a strip mall. The school was about a 15-minute walk from the strip mall. The city is 20-minute tram but the tram doesn’t always run at the hours students need it. We had a tour of the program and the facility for both boys, one for sports studies and one for international business. The faculty that met with us were very thoughtful about student life and well-being. It is a more traditional lecture/exam model versus experiential and project-based assessments. They pride themselves on their medical programs and so it just didn’t turn out to be a great fit for the English-taught programs we were interested in. It felt a bit like they were a catholic school very focused on funding. They were open to all faiths and to brokering unique partnerships to fund new programs. The campus itself was beautiful in the old monastery but some of the buildings and programs are held in various places around the city so it is more spread out than it appears online. The housing seemed plentiful and we met with the housing lead and he said if you just email around March or April, it will be no problem. Some of the housing was further from campus and living in the city of Murcia would be a commute to school AND very reasonable (studios for $275 USD) in the historic center. It may be useful for some to know there are religious studies courses that is a required part of the program and they made it very clear all faiths are welcome.

    The school has an impressive ministry and outreach and the faculty seem to work as a team but all in all it felt a bit disjointed for us and too hard to travel to and from for our boys. It is also worth noting that a lot of the Spanish students commute for the day and leave and no one really lives “on campus” so it would be important for community for an International Student to find housing that could help build that community. All in all, we are so glad that our university research led us to the fascinating corner of Spain that we probably would not have experienced otherwise. Each university experience helped us refine further what our kids were looking for and we are so glad we made the trip!

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