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  • Currently attending NOVA SBE in their Masters in Management (MiM) program since spring of 2024 (for this program they have fall entry Sept. and spring entry Jan.). As another reviewer has stated, this school is like no other!

    To start, application and admission for the masters program seems to differ from bachelors, and is actually quite straightforward – an online application with resume, letter of motivation, transcripts, for my year there was a question requiring a video response, etc. No further interviews, just get a response post-application. They definitely like to see that you have some work /internship or club/activities experience, though it’s not a requirement. Any other international background or experience is likewise a plus, but again not a requirement. This means that the student cohort here is very diverse, and since they offer other masters programs which overlap in classes, you get to meet a ton of new people all from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

    Beyond their required core classes, their class offering list for the masters electives is impressive, meaning you can choose your learning topics and design your schedule almost exactly how you want it. Granted, it goes through something called a bidding system, which is really just about strategy and luck to get what you want. For the MiM, if you partake in enough classes that relate to a specific path (finance, marketing, sustainability, digitalization, etc), you can get a sub-title / focus area on your degree for this path (e.g., Masters in Management with a focus in Sustainability). This makes your degree a bit more specialized and may work in your favor for a specific job path. The classes are taught by international and very experienced teachers and guest-lecturers, who are open and available to questions and incorporate their real-world experience into the teachings.

    The campus, located in Carcavelos, is very modern and offers a lot of amenities, such as a gym (need to pay for a pass), restaurants and snack shops, study areas, and a 5-minute walk from the beach and surf schools. Classrooms and library are equipped with modern technology, with study spaces and computers you can book alone or in groups. There is on-campus housing available, which is apparently nice and has what you need, but many students live off-campus in central Lisbon. Takes about 45 min – 1 hour to commute, via the train and then bus or a nice walk in the sun (what most students prefer)!

    Student life in Carcavelos is generally quiet, as most people go into Lisbon for restaurants, night life, meet with friends at the “Miradouros” (viewpoints), etc. The nearby beach though makes up for it, with great sunsets and surfing. To live in Carcavelos vs. Lisbon is a personal choice, depending whether you want a short commute to school or to live near all the action. In Lisbon though, student life is great and generally cheap. There are so many restaurants, cafes, viewpoints, museums, and hidden gems to explore over the years! Most people speak English, though learning a bit of Portuguese (there is a paid course also offered by NOVA) never hurts to help integrate. It’s also worth it to note that the Student Union at the school is one of the best, setting up multiple social events and sunset parties each month to encourage community and socializing, both in and outside of the school grounds.

    As opposed to other private business universities (e.g., ESCP Business School where I did my bachelors), not all programs require internships during the summer. MiM for example does not, whereas the IMM does. Still, the school hosts many job fairs, career talks, guest company presentations, etc to help students network and find internships or jobs post-degree. The career center provides a lot of resources and guidance for resumes, applications, and career planning.

    Compared to other European universities, it could be considered more on the pricier side of things, but for the classes, career services, location and campus, and student events, its an overall unique school with so much to offer. Highly recommend for those looking for an amazing masters experience in a sunny and beautiful spot, while also getting high quality education!

  • We visited NOVA SBE in the fall of 2022 and fell head over heels for this campus, program, and country! We have lived in Portugal before and so our son had some support within a few hours from Carcavelos so we had high hopes. One note: The description on BTS says the campus is Nova University of Lisbon but all the business and economics programs are at the campus in Carcavelos which is about 30 -45 minutes from Lisbon. It is a new and stunning campus that feels very old Hollywood. Carcavelos is small but well-connected to Sintra, Cascais, and Lisbon and the beaches are incredible. The school has unobstructed views of the ocean and the walking path takes students to the sandy shores in moments. It has a cool surfer vibe with bars and restaurants. There is the opportunity for students to access nature easily and effortlessly from the campus. That makes it very special.

    The school is SO impressive and swept us off of our feet. This was our son’s #1 choice for business and economics and actually for most international students, it is a fairly straightforward admissions path. The one caveat is if you are a dual EU/USA citizen it does not work out in your favor in any way except the lowered tuition. I will explain: If you are a US student and you do not hold an EU passport, there is a program called SuperNova that is 6 months long and taught in Lisbon at the Nova campus. You are basically guaranteed admission (within reason) to Nova SBE once you complete this program. Because the Bachelor program is only 3 years, it is a great way for students from the USA to integrate more slowly into the learning culture and living culture of Portugal. If you hold an EU passport, you must apply through BOTH channels meaning that you have to do something called the National Call. When you do the National Call, which all EU nationals are required to do for this program, you must take the Portuguese math exam even though the program is taught in English. Once you pass that exam, you will be in a pool of candidates and will get your admission decision sometime in early SEPTEMBER! So you can see why it is not a good process as a dual citizen as you have to pass on all other offers and hope you can accepted into this very competitive and well-respected university. We worked hard on this process and application and could not get around this glitch for dual-citizens. We were open to paying the International student tuition and Max was ready and willing to do the SuperNova program AND all of his transcripts are from US institutions. We were told over and over that even if he does all of that, he still has to go through the National Call. After about 8 months of working on it, we had to move on. Max is still set on getting his MBA at Nova. It is a remarkable place and the campus is special. As an American student interested in Business and Economics, this is one of the best programs we have found when you take into consideration the location, program, quality of life, cost, and that Nova SBE is one of the top 25 European business schools and has triple crown accreditation. It is superior in many ways to so many programs we visited.

    It is worth noting that many Portuguese students commute to this campus every day so the student life directly on campus on evenings and weekends is a bit quiet but Lisbon is so close and there is so much to see and do. For European students, attending this prestigious university is something to be very proud of. The Supernova program, in our opinion, is a HUGE shortcut to the admissions process many EU nationals have to undergo and it is well worth a look.

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