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  • Our son applied to THUAS in the winter of 2021/22. Due to travel restrictions that were still in place, we were not able to visit before applying. He was applying as a dual Italian/American citizen. The application process was smooth and after applying to university in 6 countries, The Netherlands had the most straightforward approach in our experience. That being said, there are many hoops that don’t reveal themselves until you jump through the first one so start early. THUAS has rolling admission which is really helpful and he knew he was conditionally accepted (needed to submit final transcripts) by March 1st which was terrific. He decided to attend The Hague because his other top schools would not inform him of admission until late August and he wasn’t comfortable moving to another country on such short notice. We then paid the 300 euros to be in the housing pool. This is only offered to first-year non-Dutch students and we reserved him a room the day (at time 9 AM) the housing opened. It was 440 euro per month for rent in Waldorpstraat 47 right across the street from school with views of The Hague and Rotterdam from the top floor. The building was in the perfect location but it was a bit of an all-the-time party vibe and our first impression of the entry and halls was not a good one in terms of cleanliness although the room was spacious and the kitchen and bathroom were shared with 4 others. We arrived for the first time in August of 2022 and Max felt very strongly that this was not the program for him. He qualified for both the 3 and 4-year program but the applied sciences model did not suit what he wanted to get out of an International Business Degree. We did all the research we could about Applied Sciences versus Research Institutions but in the end, Max knew it was not a good fit. I think the lesson here is that visiting WHEN school is in session if at all possible, is so important. The pandemic made that very challenging but it was our big take-away. The university was so supportive of Max’s decision and the beauty of it all was that we fell in love with The Netherlands and this fall, both of our boys started their studies in Dutch universities. Max is doing Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tilburg University (a 3-year program) and Henry is doing Sport Studies at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. I will review those processes next. The city of The Hague is beautiful and very international and the access to the beach is wonderful as well. The city is pretty spread out and doesn’t have a main square per se but many different districts so it takes a bit to feel oriented. The school is close to the center and the campus was a bit uninspiring but classes hadn’t started yet so that could be why it felt a bit flat. Overall, it is a wonderful process for the right type of study and the right fit for your student. I hope this helps!

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