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  • We visited the University of Coimbra when we were living in Portugal pre-pandemic for a year. Our kids were not yet focused on applying to a specific country or area of study so the experience we can share is more about the university in terms or a tour and general impression.

    Coimbra is a beautiful university town and the Portuguese are proud of this university. The campus is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is stunning. It is one of the oldest universities in the world founded in 1290 and I would say has one of the most beautiful libraries on earth (and we visit as many as we can). Our kids were fascinated by the school uniform called the capa e batina which consists of long black capes and robes. It is very Harry Potter but I would also say that it is a source of pride for students at UC and they wear it with reverence.

    The city itself is a bit split across the river so it feels almost like two different cities and we actually liked the side of the river furthest from the university the best. The campus is also on a large hill and once you come off, depending on which way you descend, the area can be not as nice. Of all the universities we looked at in Portugal, including Lisbon and Carcavalos, Coimbra was our least favorite from a lifestyle and city perspective. It just felt a bit disconnected to us after a week there and the locals are very to themselves more than other Portuguese cities we have experienced. Perhaps it is because the university is so steeped in tradition and prestige. It is known as the cidade dos estudantes and that it is but it just wasn’t right for our kids. That being said, we did not go through the application process or research specific programs which may change things. The Portuguese application system punishes dual citizens in that if forces (in our experience) the student to apply using their EU nationality meaning they have to go through the Portuguese National Call which includes exams in Portuguese for English-taught programs. It is a bit frustrating.

    I noticed that UC has a pre-bachelor’s program which can be a great way for a non-EU national (Americans) to gain entrance into a very competitive Portuguese university by completing a semester pre-bachelor. In many cases, bachelor programs are only 3 years so your student still finishes ahead of many USA 4-year programs. I hope this is helpful

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