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If you’re interested in learning about the options for an Architecture Master’s in Europe, you’re in the right place.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts today, 99% Invisible, when I realized I wanted to focus a post on one of my favorite subjects – architecture.

The podcast episode talked about kidney shaped swimming pools, the birth of skateboarding, and concluded with an interesting connection with education in Europe that I won’t spoil.

I’ll also plug another favorite episode from 99% Invisible on La Sagrada Família in Barcelona. The story of this building combines intrigue, adventure, the Spanish Civil War, and design ingenuity into a story that’s ongoing because the project to build Spain’s great cathedral is ongoing. Visiting this building was unlike any other experience I’ve had, because unlike every other building I’d been in, Gaudi’s cathedral actually mixed architectural styles and incorporated organic elements.

Why Study Architecture?

Architecture is very important in human history and anthropology, considering we each inhabit the structures built by our ancestors. Architecture degrees share ties to academic subjects like Construction Engineering, Graphic Design, User Experience Design, and Arts.

Architects need to have an eye for beauty, utility, and durability. During architecture school, you may learn about architectural styles, the science of designing, design structures, landscape architecture and 3D designs. You will also discover computer software such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD), which helps you to plan, analyze, and optimize design work.

Your degree in Architecture will teach you all about design rules, where you should follow them, and where you’ll have some room for exploration and creativity. Knowing how to work with texture, color, contrast, lighting and many other aspects will allow you to become an expert in designing buildings. Of course, you will also have to make sure your vision can also be built according to safety standards and available resources.

Courses in Architecture Master’s Degrees

Some of the courses Architecture students will gain access to include:

  • Analysis of Contemporary Architecture
  • City Design and Development
  • Urban Design Policy
  • Residential Design
  • Green Construction

Careers for Architecture Graduates

After graduating with a degree in Architecture, you may have the opportunity to work as a:

  • Licensed architect
  • CAD technician
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Urban designer
  • Building surveyor
  • Construction manager
  • Landscape architect
  • Structural engineer

Are there Many Architecture Master’s Programs in Europe?

In Europe, there are 183 English-taught, Architecture Master’s degree programs geared toward international students. Twenty-two programs offer free tuition, even for international students and a total of 76 offer tuition less than 5,000 EUR. Of the 183 programs, most programs are 2 years in duration, but a number are only 1-year programs, while a few are a 5-year combined bachelor’s-master’s program.

What Are the Entrance Requirements?

It varies per program, of course, but like most graduate degrees in Europe a related bachelor’s degree will be required. Some require post-college work experience in a related field, and/or a minimum GPA in undergrad, and/or an entrance exam.

Master’s in Architecture Costs

Tuition costs run the range across Europe for these programs, but let’s use a few examples from our recently updated  Top Colleges for Architecture 2023 Rankings page. A 2-year master’s Architecture program at the Polytech University of Milan in Italy currently costs $4,245 for annual tuition, for a total of $8,490 for the entire master’s degree. At the University of Pecs, in Hungary, their 5-year combined bachelor’s-master’s Architecture program costs $7,318 for annual tuition, totalling $36,590 for your entire undergraduate and graduate experience. And finally, for the 2-year master’s in Arch at the University College Dublin, annual tuition is $28,751, for a total of $57,502 for the whole of the degree. Of course, keep in mind, tuition price tags in Ireland are typically higher than all other countries in the EU, but regardless, these numbers are far below what you would find in the US . 

How do I find master’s programs in Architecture that are taught in English?

This is literally at the heart of what we do at Beyond the States, and have done for many years, and for thousands of families and students in the US, so our database is a good place to start. It opens the doors to a treasure-trove of our resources and materials, including of course our proprietary database of over 8,231 affordable, accredited, English-taught master’s programs across continental Europe and Ireland.

Ready to explore your master’s degree options in Europe? When we began researching college in Europe over 8 years ago, we quickly realized there was no single source of objective information, so we decided to create one with Beyond the States. We say objective because we don’t accept advertising money from schools. We also don’t get any monetary compensation from a school if a student we work with goes there versus another school.

Happy searching!

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