All Event Management

Event management is an ideal career for individuals who enjoy meeting new people, can work under pressure (and deal decisively with unexpected problems), are exceptional listeners and communicators, and have a good eye for detail. ​This degree will also give you the background to work in various roles in the hospitality industry. In fact, European universities often combine tourism, leisure and experience management, and event management into a single degree course to take advantage of this overlap.​Event management is largely comprised of bringing together all the elements that will make a corporate event, wedding, charity fundraiser, cultural festival, or any other gathering a success. This means organizing entertainment, catering, and whatever else a client may require to their specifications. ​You will also have to set up several “behind the scenes” services: cleaning, transport, printed materials, first aid, and so forth. Event managers frequently double as venue managers, too. It’s best to remember that this kind of work does have its glamorous moments, but is also often routine and tedious.