All Finance

To oversimplify a great deal, finance is the science of money. A finance major will be able to answer questions like: ​Where it comes from, How it grows through profit and interest, How we keep track of it using accounting, How it moves between different companies and throughout the economy, and How it can be obtained through loans and investment​in much greater detail than the average person. In fact, all of the questions above, and others, can each become a specialized field of study.​A bachelor’s degree, however, is meant to expose a student to all the basic facets of finance in both theoretical and practical terms. This prepares a graduate for a wide variety of positions involving money management. It also sets them up to absorb knowledge they may be exposed to later: through training at work, an advanced degree such as an MBA, or self-study.​As a degree in finance often leads to a career in management, excellent communication skills are a must. It is not always easy to present the implications of complex sets of numbers in a way non-accountants can understand. Decisiveness, initiative, good research skills, and a very strong work ethic are other traits many people who have become successful in the field of finance possess.