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  • Attended ESCP Business School’s Bachelor in Management program in London/Paris/Berlin, and would highly recommend for students interested in general business and economics, but who don’t know yet which specific field of business interests them. Great entry into the business world with classes on marketing, finance, accounting, HR, CSR, sustainability, digitalization, strategy, foreign languages, etc., and even more specialized electives to choose from. Classes were taught by international and well-versed professors, often with guest lecturers and real-world case studies and projects. Sometimes organization and transparency from the administration is a bit lacking, especially regarding exams schedules, but from what I’ve seen from other schools this is often the case. Just something to keep in mind when trying to plan travels for the holidays. Campuses, though mostly small and don’t have the same amenities as US colleges (no on-campus gyms, only small cafes but no food courts), are overall nice and are up-to-date with modern technology and study spaces. They are located usually in the center of the cities and are easy to get to with public transport if you don’t live nearby (most students don’t live nearby, as student life is usually better in other parts of the city). Price-wise it costs about as much as some in-state tuitions, especially since housing and living are excluded from tuition, but the bachelor’s was only three years (meaning you “save” on the fourth year that is the norm in the US). This means you get a lot of freedom very quickly – from finding an apartment (alone or shared) to cooking and grocery shopping to self-initiated socializing. The school and student-run clubs often offer events to meet people but also to network with companies for internships or jobs. Internships are mandatory during the summers, which also pushes for real-world experience and helps A TON to have an already-full resume when applying for a job (or applying for masters) post-bachelors. Super high. employment or master-placement rate after ESCP, since the school is so highly regarded and you already have the mandatory internships under your belt. All-in-all, highly recommend ESCP’s bachelor (and heard the masters are equally good) program to those interested in a foundation for business and definitely for those who intend to stay in Europe afterwards!

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