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  • The University of Salamanca is one we visited before we knew exactly what our boys wanted to study. We were living in Portugal at the time and a friend whose daughter attended the school told us they had a degree in Global Studies taught in English. We went on a road trip and Salamanca was our first stop.

    Salamanca feels a bit remote in Spain and yet when you arrive you realize you never need to leave. It has all the makings of a perfect university city. We felt it was the perfect size around 145K inhabitants (of which nearly 50K are students) and the university is famed for being one of the most beautiful in the world. There are students everywhere, hanging out on the steps, on the river bank, and the bridge, and in the grassy parcs. It is youthful but it is also steeped in history and full of locals that are proud of their Salamancan heritage. I think because it is a bit remote, the regional identity is very strong.

    Plaza Mayor is perhaps the most beautiful public square in the world. We were blown away by the music and the free entertainment and culture available by just walking out of our door. The food is divine from the cheese with quince to the hornanzo (meat pies) and Iberico ham – I could go on and on. But back to the university.

    The campus is stunning and central to all the city has to offer. We looked at some student housing and while they didn’t use the term guaranteed, they said many times, you are a priority and it will not be a problem. Transcripts must be “verified” by the Spanish government in a process called “Equivalencia” which can get involved depending on the transcripts and the area of study. All documents have to be translated into Spanish or at least they did when we visited. It is worth noting that not all areas of study that the University of Salamanca offers are taught in Salamanca so check the location of instruction for your area of study.

    Our boys did not end up applying as their focus narrowed a bit from Global Studies and that was the program they were initially interested in but we are SO happy we visited this beautiful city. It is special and has been around since the year 1218 so even if you are not interested in the university and you are close by, go! You will be so happy you did.

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