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  • We have been living in the Aosta Region in the Italian Alps since flights opened up again in the fall of 2021. As dual citizens, our goal was to spend time on the ground in the EU doing university visits and road trips that were much harder to do from the USA. Because we were living so close to Turin, Italy, we have visited this university multiple times. Our kids all have friends that study in Turin and so over the last 24 months, we have fallen in love with this city. Turin is known by Italians as their piccola Parigi or little Paris. It is one of the most underrated cities in Italy. It far exceeds our expectations every time we visit. The museums, food, music, study opportunities, parks, and a window into Italian life are special and we hope what we know will be helpful for prospective parents and students.

    I will revisit that because we are dual citizens, sometimes the criteria don’t work in our favor but the tuition always does. In public universities in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, the credit equivalence process can be very challenging, especially for dual citizens. Our boys decided not to complete the process in Turin because their transcripts were all American yet they are also Italian Passport holders and they wanted them to take two exams. The big issue was however that our boys have Associate’s degrees from a program in WA State called Running Start. For their last two years of high school, they took community college classes earning them both their HS diploma and two years of university credits. If they were to attend the University of Washington with their AA Degree, they would transfer in as a Junior versus a freshman. Both in Portugal and Italy, the universities the boys were interested in were not accepting the term dual credit and would not acknowledge they had university-level credits that were earned simultaneously with HS credits.

    After trying in varying ways, we moved on to The Netherlands and Scandinavian school tours where the credits were honored BUT not as transfer credits but rather as the equivalence of AP courses or IB requirements. The University of Turin is competitive based on criteria and exam scores. Many Italian universities (not all, Bocconi is an exception) are very traditional and taught as such. Public Universities in Europe are typically the most competitive and well-respected. Private universities are more expensive and often more accommodating to translations, homologation, and all the other terms used to verify foreign diplomas and transcripts. In Italy, at times, the red tape is daunting. Be persistent and ask as many different people as possible. We only walked away from this university because the dual citizenship was going against the boys versus for them and we knew, after our experience in Portugal, it was best to move on.

    Turin is a stunning city. It is glamorous and down to earth and full of smart people. It is a brilliant student city.

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