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Timeline to College in Europe | 12th Graders

It’s application time! ✏️

By now, you’ve decided that an English-taught college degree in Europe is on the table. Makes sense – you now know that a degree in Europe is viable and accessible, mind-blowingly affordable, and offers you a global experience that stands you apart, giving you a real edge with employers.

Okay, maybe you’ve narrowed down your list of best-fit programs and schools, and you’re poised to start the application process. Or perhaps you’ve only just begun exploring options abroad, and need the tools and support for accelerating through the discovery and selection process. 


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We got you! 

Don’t sweat if you are only just learning about these English-taught options in Europe during your senior year! Though you do need to hit the ground running, we have MANY resources at your disposal. For instance, our self-paced On Your Mark Masterclass will appeal to seniors just starting their pursuit, and our Get Set Masterclass keeps pace from there, walking seniors through the application process. Both of these classes can be purchased as add-ons when you become a member of Beyond the States. 

Let’s Go! Read on to learn about NEXT STEPS. 

Ohh, and while you’re here, take a look at our 11th Grade Timeline to College in Europe page to catch up, if you missed it last year.

FAQ for YOU:

  1. Is it too late to apply for schools in Europe?

Nope, most students are applying for European programs in their senior year. Many colleges in Europe have rolling admissions periods that start as early as October. Some have admissions periods that don’t begin until later in the year. Get admissions details for individual programs in our chock-full database of accredited, English-taught degrees. If you don’t already have access, head here now

  1. How many programs can/should I apply to in Europe? 

Because of the truly transparent admissions procedures in Europe, most of the students we work with apply to just 1-3 programs. There just isn’t a need for any more than that! 


  1. Are there foundation year programs in Europe for international students? 

Yes. These programs exist within certain universities across Europe as a preparatory course for students who don’t meet the admissions requirements of the degree program they hope to attend. These programs may be especially appealing (and reassuring) for students who have discovered European college options late, and don’t meet the direct-entry requirements. But these foundation year programs serve other purposes as well, to help students adapt to the country’s educational system, culture and language.

Read about one of these foundation year programs in Madrid, Spain at UC3M.    

  1. What is a “motivation letter”, and what is expected?

The motivation letter is a document that is sometimes required during the admissions process. It asks you to describe your competence, as well as your personal motivations for pursuing a particular area of study at a specific university. Schools use these to assess a good fit between the student and the program/school. 

To ensure your motivation letter leaves a lasting impression, and is spot-on, check out our Motivation Letter Review service. .  

  1. Is it too late to sign up for a Best Fit List service?

It’s not too late to sign up for either our Perfect Placement or Guaranteed Admissions package, but as we mentioned at the front of this page, once you get your list it will be time to hit the ground running. 

Our Best Fit List is perfect for those in a time crunch, since it pulls all the weight for you, and right when you need it – in your senior year. Rest assured, you’ll save yourself headaches and time with this offering, as we apply our expertise in curating a list of 3-5 programs customized to your specific parameters around area of study, budget, general needs and preferences, taking into consideration your background and qualifications. After you’ve submitted your comprehensive intake form, you’ll get your list within 2-3 weeks time, and then…you’re off to the races!   

Next Steps for 12th Grade Families | Get Set, Go!: 

  1. If you haven’t already – HEAD INTO OUR DATABASE: You’ll find 3,400+ accredited, 100% English-taught bachelor’s programs across Europe, and across all areas of study. Our regularly updated database is super user-friendly, and reflects only vetted, unbiased programs. Each listing is chock-full, and has the current program description, admissions requirements, our notes or program highlights, tuition and scholarship information, school and city information, and more. 

  1. IT’S TIME FOR BUILDING (& NARROWING DOWN) YOUR BEST FIT LIST: You can do this on your own, with a DIY approach, using our database, courses, and many other resources, or you can skip any overwhelm and have us bear the load by signing up for our Perfect Placement or Guaranteed Admissions offerings.
  1. IT’S TIME TO PLAN & APPLY: Once you’ve chosen your 1,2, or 3 top programs in Europe, it’s time to apply. Each program will have its own application procedures, and now’s the time to consult each program’s web page for details. If the process is at all unclear, you can send a clear and concise email to the school’s International Student Admissions (or likewise) office with your questions. When it comes to securing housing and getting a student visa, these steps typically happen after you’ve been accepted into a program. But now’s the time to research and learn the procedures for these too! 

Pro Tip: Our private-member Facebook community of parents and students is an ideal and supportive place to turn for on-the-ground advice on ALL topics – many in the group have gone through the same process as you, and have practical tips to share. (Our Facebook group access comes with a Beyond the States membership, or other offerings.) 

Okay, but I’m still in the early stages, and feeling a bit overwhelmed as to where to start…We hear you! Our suggestion would be to sign up now to GET ACCESS, and then dig right into our self-paced courses and masterclasses. These steps will set you in the right direction, fast-tracking you to finding your ideal degree in Europe, even in your senior year.

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**Otherwise, check out our extensive collection of FREE Resources, like blogs, podcasts, guides, rankings pages, student stories, and more, covering all aspects of the college in Europe experience.  

That’s it for now, you’re on your way. This stage can be challenging, as is true even when applying to programs in the states – breathe deeply, be patient and scrappy, and remember that thousands of other US students have been where you are, and have gone on to find their life-changing degree and experience in Europe! Any extra help you need during this critical (and exciting) time, we’re there for you.  

– The Beyond the States Team

Some praise for Beyond the States:

“Beyond the States has been an invaluable resource for our family in researching colleges in Europe. Prior to joining, we had no idea that there were degrees taught entirely in English in non-English-speaking countries! And the prices in Europe are so much more reasonable than in the U.S. Our kids have always been interested in studying overseas and becoming global citizens, and Beyond the States has shown us that they can do this with an entire degree, rather than just a semester. ”


“Beyond the States’ Best Fit List helped me find my dream university. Using the expertise of Beyond the States helped me find a college that meets all my needs and I will graduate debt free. Thank you!”” 


“My baby girl pressed ‘send’ on her application to Anglo American University in Prague! We have our fingers and toes crossed for her admission. We sure love Prague ♥️. ”


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