Best English-Taught Universities in Europe

Our undergraduate rankings for the best universities in Europe list may feel a bit scandalous or novel, given it hasn’t been influenced by external factors like sponsors and other rankings, nor is it based on disingenuous factors like research.

The rankings for best universities in Europe for international students reflect many years of on-the-ground research, vetting, and experience by ourselves and our members, and speaks directly to what really matters to US students pursuing an English-taught undergraduate degree in European countries and Ireland. 

#1 University of Groningen

Regularly at the forefront of our featured European universities, UG has a breathtaking 37 English-taught bachelor’s programs in our database that span the range of most study-areas. One of Europe’s oldest universities, this research-driven school is located in the heart of Groningen, Netherlands, a young and student-centered city with a lively reputation.

#2 Vrije University Amsterdam

VU Amsterdam is no stranger to international Ranked lists, since it is a world-renowned research university in Europe. Located in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, VU has a notable international staff and student body. Thirty English-taught programs for study abroad here, spanning many areas of study, and like many Dutch research universities, it has liberal arts programs as well. For US students, it has a FAFSA #.

#3 University of Pecs

Study abroad in Europe at the UNESCO-recognized ancient city of Pecs, Hungary at the oldest university in the country, founded in 1367. A lively, cultured city, Pecs was once the European Capital of Culture. The internationally recognized University of Pecs has had a long history of offering many and varied English-taught programs, and therefore familiar with international students, for which the school/city has a large population. Exceptional student supports offered here, such as a mentor program strictly for international students that assists with acclimation.

#4 Erasmus University Rotterdam

Located in the bustling and urban port city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, EUR attracts students from around 37 different countries world-wide. Boasting a vibrant student scene, EUR has a modern and “true” campus that’s a 15-minute bike ride or 20-minute tram ride from the city center. There is a strong student support system in place, and many student associations and clubs to take part in.

#5 Toulouse Business School

Although TBS has only a single English-taught bachelor’s offering in Management: Business Administration, Management and Operations, it is one of our favorite undergraduate business options in Europe. TBS is a multi-campus school, with locations in Toulouse, Barcelona, Casablanca, and students have the option to study in all of these cities. Incredibly impressive curriculum, student supports, internationalization, employability #’s, and safe and affordable tuition and cost of living options. TBS emphasizes learning through experience with applied learning techniques, small groups, and work experience placements.

#6 Maastricht University

UM is known for being one of the most international and fully bilingual schools, and the youngest university in the Netherlands. There is an incredibly large international student (50%) and faculty (40%) population, leading to excellent international student resources with a wider range of study abroad programs. Practical learning is emphasized at UM, something that is often missing at research universities, and study abroad is a requirement for many of their programs. You’ll find stunning and modern facilities that rest within a city that strikes a unique balance between old and new. For those looking at business programs, UM has the rare “triple crown” accreditation, and for US students, there is a FAFSA #.

#7 Charles University

Situated in the famously beautiful European city of Prague, CU was founded in 1348, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. Yet, it is also renowned as a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan and prestigious research institution. CU provides a variety of undergraduate options for students who want to take advantage of the affordable tuition and cost of living in Eastern Europe, while studying in a truly livable city with a high quality of life. For US students, CU has a FAFSA #.

#8 Carlos III University of Madrid

UC3M is one of our standout universities, with a dedication to internationalization, true affordability of its many English-taught programs, notable accreditation (AACSB) for its business programs, and has strong student supports. UC3M allows and encourages its students to study abroad for up to two years at one of its partner schools, many of which are in the US, like Boston College, Tulane University, Duke University, Vassar and Middlebury. A US student could study abroad at any of these schools, but still pay the relatively small (6,000-7,000 euros) UC3M tuition, versus the high price tags of these schools, if they were so inclined. Admission can be competitive here, but they offer a foundation program that can give a boost to those who don’t initially make the cut.

#9 Central European University

No other school on our list has both their own country’s accreditation and US accreditation, but CEU boasts this double-accreditation. Located in one of the most “livable” cities in the world, Vienna, CEU claims that the majority of its student body is international. Small class sizes, remarkable facilities, and uniquely dynamic and multidisciplinary degrees, like Philosophy, Politics, and Economy, for instance. Admissions can be competitive here, but it may be worth your while. This school has a FAFSA # for US students.

#10 Riga Technical University

RTU really impressed our founder, Jenn Viemont, when she visited the school a few years ago. This internationally recognized polytechnic university – the largest in Latvia – has 24 English-taught programs that are truly rigorous, hands-on, and usually include lab work and internships. RTU offers really good value, a large and well-supported international student body, and even has an international student council. For those choosing more technical vocations, this school is a gem.

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