All Chemistry

Not much of what we see in daily life hasn’t been touched by industrial chemistry in some way. A hundred years ago, virtually every substance people used was still more or less in its natural form. Today, cheaper and better synthetics dominate our world.​The adhesives, pigments, and plastics we mostly tend to associate with chemistry only scratch the surface, however. You can find chemists in all the following fields:​BiotechnologyConsumer productsEnvironmental conservationFood and flavoringsForensicsOil and gasWater treatmentPharmaceuticalsPulp and paper​and many more.​Chemistry rarely operates in a vacuum. In addition to normally working with other scientists, engineers, and managers, chemists themselves are also very knowledgable about the industry they work in and science in general.​Much of advanced chemistry is based on higher mathematics, so a logical and methodical approach to solving complex problems is a desirable trait in students. The job and training for it naturally entail a great deal of lab work, so manual dexterity and attention to detail are also recommended traits.