All Computer Software and Media Applications

The internet and digital media generally have had an enormous impact on how we learn, how we entertain ourselves, how we work, and how we search for information. A degree in computer software and media applications allows you to make the most effective use possible of these technologies.​You will learn about:​Internet standards and policiesSearch engine optimizationDigital graphics and multimediaWeb page design and codingVirtual and augmented realityE-commerce​By the time you graduate, you will be skilled at using a variety of digital authoring tools, be able to analyze customer requirements for web pages and other forms of multimedia publishing, and implement solutions using the most suitable technologies and tools available.​An additional facet of this degree is gaining an understanding of the commercial, social, legal, and cultural effects of living in an online world. In European universities, for instance, the implications of the E.U.’s General Data Protection Act are examined in detail.