All Early Childhood Education

It’s a cliche to say that children are our future, but that is simply because it’s true. Early childhood education, meaning between the ages of birth and 8 years, plays a major role in creating happy, well-adjusted, productive adults. The health of our future society rests on those who teach young children.​A bachelor’s or associate degree in early childhood education will teach you about developmentally appropriate teaching methods, language development, various theories on how children learn, and techniques for teaching toddlers and young children basic skills. Students can also choose to specialize in particular fields during undergraduate studies, such as working with bilingual children or those with disabilities. Degrees from several European countries, including the United Kingdom, Finland, and Sweden, are presented in English and are considered to be of very high quality.​Some possible careers include working at a daycare, preschool, or public school. Teachers generally organize and supervise learning activities, monitor their children’s progress, and identify and address any behavioral or academic issues.