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Not everybody has the knack to explain precisely how one uniform can look like a bus driver’s and another like a cop’s, why one garment fits well over one person’s figure but not another, or how the color and texture of a fabric affects the appearance of a dress made from it. If these kinds of thoughts come naturally to you, your future may contain a degree in fashion design.​Such a qualification includes training in technical sketching, clothing illustration, computer-aided clothing design, textiles, the history of fashion, and garment production techniques. Most curricula also include courses in entrepreneurship, business management, product design, marketing, and so on.​Creativity and an eye for beauty are clearly important in this profession. However, knowledge of how clothing is manufactured, understanding market trends, and the capacity for hard work will take you much farther than a good imagination alone.​Fashion design can be studied at an American university, though dedicated, non-university design schools located in Britain, France, and Italy seem to have a greater degree of institutional knowledge and credibility to potential employers. Many require a bachelor’s degree to enter, the successful completion of an internship to graduate, or both.