All Food and Wine Studies

Fine food and wine play a major role in the lives of many people, others enjoy them as often as they can afford. This has led to the growth of a major industry that is always in need of experts who can​Pair the right wine with a dishIdentify and select high-quality produceMarket and purchase wine knowledgeablyManage a fine-dining restaurantCreate recipes for special dietary needs​Food and wine studies will familiarize you with the production processes of both, including aspects of agriculture, viniculture, and enology. The cultural and historical aspects of food are studied, as are sustainability aspects and regulations related to food and wine sales.​Additional modules may cover subjects like food photography and criticism, cheese production, pastry arts, and nutritional science. All students will generally be required to study food and beverage management, general business administration, marketing, and inventory management to prepare them for a variety of industry careers.​A degree like this is not intended to turn you into a chef. However, some practical training in food preparation and kitchen management is usually included. Some of the best food and wine studies degrees are presented at French and Italian institutions, where enjoying both is part of the national culture. Many offer instruction in English, even if they require students to learn the local language to a limited degree.​To study food and wine, you should already have an at least somewhat-developed palate. If you live on cheeseburgers and ramen by choice, you may have difficulty with some of the practical aspects of the course. Many of the professions this degree leads into also require excellent organizational, teamwork, and leadership skills.