All Human Resources Management

Every business has multiple essential parts, leading to endless allegories about a company being like a plant, a ship, a platypus, or whatever. One of these functions is human resources management: the administration involved in hiring, training, compensating, promoting, and terminating employees. A large part of HR’s work is making sure that all relevant laws are complied with and protecting the company against lawsuits by employees.​If you’re an outgoing person with good communication skills and a knack for paperwork, you may well find this to be a fulfilling career. It’s often possible to determine how well (or poorly) a company is run by looking at the rapport between employees and management; the HR department plays a key role in maintaining good relations between the two.​It is certainly possible to get into human resources management without a specialized degree. Many employers prefer applicants that are actually qualified in HR instead of a subject like history or social sciences, though.​For one thing, they already know something about labor laws and HR best practices. For another, a human resources degree also includes several business courses. This allows more effective communication between HR and other departments. Without this general business knowledge, a human resources department is likely to become the odd one out and be less capable in supporting a company’s overall objective and strategy.