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  • Avatar Colleen Mariotti

    The Entrepreneurship and Business 3-year bachelor’s at Tilburg University is unique and was the most compelling program for our son, Max. He applied to International Business programs in Estonia, Spain, Portugal, and The Netherlands and he selected Tilburg for a variety of reasons. The city is often overlooked by international students and the university is very impressive. The campus and even the city vibe is very much like Seattle, where we are from. It is very green and streamlined and the programs offered are impressive. There is a very active music scene in Tilburg which meant a lot to our son. We were able to attend the open day in March of 2023 and Max started in August. The application process was substantial but also really important. After meeting entry requirements, and proving that his Associate’s Degree math courses were equivalent to the AP requirement, he was given equivalence and did not have to take the math entrance exam although many internationals do have to take it. After that, there was a matching assignment and it was quite a large assignment, interviewing an entrepreneur that met certain criteria, selecting a biography to read about an entrepreneur and then comparing and contrasting what you learned to the program outcomes in a 8-12 page paper. The good thing about this is it shows the student a lot about what the program is like and that was helpful for our son. Even with rolling admission, Max did not have unconditional acceptance until August after he moved into his room so you have to take some calculated risks because you need to commit to housing before you have that unconditional acceptance which we learned during this process.

    Housing was the most stressful. Even though we were ready at the computer with selected units the second apartments opened with SSH, we didn’t get one. It was crazy. We started posting on any sites we could as we had no luck with the local sites that charge you a fee because they want all viewings done in person which makes no sense for internationals. We built some relationships through LinkedIn and some “moms” and “expat” FB groups that eventually led to a room for Max! All included it was $560 a month unfurnished sharing the kitchen/toilet with 4 other people. The location was ok and the room was huge. Max interviewed with the housemates via Zoom and they selected him. They had the final say. If you rent unfurnished in The Netherlands, the thrift stores, called Kringloops, are fantastic and have beautiful things and cheap local delivery! Between that and IKEA he was living in style in a few days’ time. Proximity to groceries and school is imperative as kids need to shop and cook, etc. We also bought a bike on Marktplaats which is like FB marketplace. It is essential.

    Max has been in school for about 6 weeks. It has been very challenging because it is a very academic institution there are so many things to learn from how to register for exams, what resits are, where to get textbooks and residency numbers, etc. He loves it but he is also a bit stressed by the exams that come hard and fast and you have to pass them or resit which means your winter break is cut very short. It is very early to tell but overall it is a wonderful university. With one child in a Dutch University of Applied Sciences and one child in a Dutch research institution, I would say that for international business the research institution is a great fit and for more hands-on areas of study like sports, and management, the applied sciences model seems to be a good fit. Our big tip would be to look at the jobs they say you will be ready to do upon graduation. If nothing on the list inspires your student, try looking at research versus applied sciences are vice versa. They are very different models and we are grateful that it appears we have found the right fit programs for each boy thanks to BTS.

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