All Film/Video and Photographic Arts

Few qualifications prepare you for as many varied careers as a degree in film, video, and photographic arts. Some of these are highly technical, others creative, and many combine elements of both. Some job titles you may aspire to, at least eventually, include:​DirectorProducerSet designerCinematographerProp masterMakeup artistSound technician​A typical bachelor’s degree in film and photography may allow students to choose some of their preferred electives. In general, though, the goal is to provide graduates with a broad knowledge of the film, recording, and broadcasting industry as a whole. Certain career goals, like special effects technician, advertising designer, and journalist, will be better served by more specialized degrees.​A pleasant personality and excellent communication skills are mandatory for a career in film or broadcasting. Teamwork is normally essential, so any prospective student should know (or learn) when to lead and when to follow. Finally, having at least one applicable pre-existing skill – creative writing, visual design, or skill with computers, for example – will be a great help during your studies.