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  • There are not many schools in the database for Sports and Exercise Science. We visited them all and our son ended up selecting Hanze University of Applied Sciences even though his dream was to study somewhere warm and sunny. Haha. He picked Hanze after we visited when school was in session in February. He was able to tour everything and then spend the day in the program. This was the turning point. This program is very community-minded and focused on the health of all people, not just managing professional athletes or working on elite performance. The Sports Studies program encompasses a wide range in the 3-year English taught program so he will be able to see what resonates most with him and continue on to his master’s degree if he chooses. We have one son in a research university in the NL too but sports studies seem particularly well suited to the Applied Sciences approach.

    The application process was challenging in that it kept evolving. Once he met the general requirements, he needed to do a “matching day” which was virtual and lasted 3 hours. He had to work with a team of prospective students from all over the map on a marketing project and present it. It was exciting and very challenging. The sports physical also took some doing as the requirements for passing are based on a Dutch model and we had to work to get the report right with our US doctor. We had to find housing before he passed the last two steps of the process (didn’t know he passed the physical until Aug 1 and his move date was Aug 15. Even though we were ready at the computer with selected units the second apartments opened with SSH, we didn’t get one. It was crazy. We started posting on any sites we could as we had no luck with the local sites that charge you a fee because they want all viewings done in person which makes no sense for internationals. We built some relationships through LinkedIn and some “moms” and “expat” FB groups that eventually led to a room for Henry! All included it was $400 a month unfurnished sharing the kitchen/toilet with one other person and the shower with 3 other people. The location was perfect and thankfully it was a nice house when we arrived. If you rent unfurnished in The Netherlands, the thrift stores, called Kringloops, are fantastic and have beautiful things and cheap local delivery! Between that and IKEA he was living in style in a few days’ time. Proximity to groceries and school is imperative as kids need to shop and cook, etc. We also bought a bike on Marktplaats which is like FB marketplace. It is essential. So far Henry is learning so much in the program. Every week has a different class schedule so it is a bit hard to plan. The annual membership to ACLO which is an incredible health, wellness, and sports facility is $70! His quality of life in Groningen is hard to beat. It is a stunning city and it does take a bit to get to the airport from there so it is a bit more remote. He just went on a 5-day outdoor expedition to Belgium and had to navigate himself there taking 3 trains and 2 buses. He has learned more in a month than I learned in 4 years of university. The bottom line is you are living as a member of a community versus as a student. Shopping, biking, navigating, cooking, studying, taking exams in a new foreign format, etc. There are ups and downs and it was the best decision for Henry, according to Henry, which is what matters most. The campus does not look as fabulous online as it is in person. It is lively, youthful, creative and the Sports Studies campus in particular is stunning (Willem-Alexander Building). I hope this helps!

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