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Becoming a dentist is a fairly arduous process. First, you’ll have to complete a bachelor’s degree in a subject like chemistry or biology. You then have to earn a DDS or DMD degree (the two are essentially identical) at dental school, which generally takes four years. ​It’s very tough to pass selection, and the national and state licensing exams are very hard. If that weren’t enough, dental school in the United states generally costs about $50,000 per year! The good news is that you can take either your undergraduate degree, postgraduate dentistry studies, or both in Europe for a fraction of the cost, in English and using modern facilities.​Good dentists have excellent people skills, make people (including children) feel at ease, and have a knack for paying attention to details. They typically love science, enjoy helping people, and have excellent manual dexterity.​Other, related careers that don’t require as high a degree of education include oral hygienists, dental assistants, and dental laboratory technicians. Qualified dentists may also specialize in a number of fields, such as oral and maxillofacial surgery and periodontics.