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A general degree in business administration does not equip you to manage a company in the hospitality sector, which has some very unique features. Trying to run a hotel like a factory or supermarket will cause things to turn very unfunny really quickly.​The hospitality industry can be divided naturally into four general areas:​Food and beverageLodgingRecreationTravel and tourism​Since the same customer generally requires more than one of these services, and several of them may fall under the same enterprise’s umbrella, all of them are covered in a hospitality management course. These are offered all over the world, both at universities and general schools. ​You may want to consider studying this subject in one of the countries famous for their elegant, well-run hotels, though, Switzerland and France in particular. Many institutions there present courses in English, and a certificate from them carries a certain cachet with employers.​Some of the subjects covered include human resources management, food service, accounting, and facilities management. Each of these works slightly differently in the hospitality industry compared to others. ​Strategic planning, financial management, marketing, and other business courses are further supplemented by practical modules intended to show you how things work in the real world.