All Chemical Engineering

Applying a pure science such as chemistry to the real world is filled with challenges. Not only must a given reaction or process be physically possible, it also has to produce a useful product or effect, be done with the safety of people and the environment in mind, and be economically feasible.​Chemical engineers can be found in almost every industry. Most specialize in a field like fuel, pharmaceuticals, pigments, or environmental remediation.​Like with any engineering degree, the 4-year course begins by providing the student with solid background knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other sciences. Later semesters encompass learning about all the ways of transforming matter from one form into another modern industry has to offer.​Typical chemical engineers enjoy learning more about their chosen subject – a large part of the job tends to come down to research. More importantly, they are highly solution-orientated and willing to stick with a problem until they find a satisfactory outcome.