All Logistics & Supply Chain

Most people don’t realize just how much work goes into moving stuff around in the modern, globalized, just-in-time economy. Without logistics and supply chain management experts, it would be kind of a miracle if anything productive got done, ever.One example of how this works, which most of us have seen ourselves, is construction workers standing around doing nothing at their job sites. Most likely, they aren’t taking a break or goofing off, they’re waiting for some essential material or equipment that hasn’t been delivered yet.A factory that uses thousands of different types of parts, or a business with dozens of warehouses and stores and millions of customers, has even greater logistics and supply chain needs. Knowing how to get the right stuff to the right places at the right times and in the right quantities is therefore a very valuable and employable skill.This requires knowledge of systems engineering, inventory management, transportation and warehousing, import and export practices, purchasing, and general financial and business management. These subjects are backed up by supporting courses in economics, marketing, engineering, math, and information technology.Working in supply chain and logistics management is very hands-on and occasionally feels like trying to solve a puzzle, against the clock, when several pieces are missing. Assertiveness, decisiveness, and good problem-solving skills are great traits to have in this career. Knowing at least the basics of one or two foreign languages is also desirable, so it’s worth considering getting your logistics and supply chain management degree abroad.