All Nutrition

Note that the terms “nutritionist” and “dietician” are often used interchangeably. This is incorrect: all dieticians are nutritionists, but all nutritionists aren’t dieticians. Registered Dieticians (RDs) require at least a bachelor’s degree and an internship lasting 1,200 hours; they are licensed on the national level. In some states, anybody can call themselves a nutritionist regardless of education.​This lack of licensing requirements for nutritionists makes it difficult to determine a national average salary. A figure of around $62,000 is in the ballpark, though some specialist dieticians earn significantly more than that.​Aside from counseling and treating patients, dieticians and nutritionists may work for large food companies, as animal nutritionists, catering managers, and general health consultants in private practice. In the United States, job opportunities in this field are growing at a very rapid rate.