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“Recreation and leisure studies” sounds like a joke of a degree that doesn’t prepare you for any career other than being a beach bum. In reality, this is a serious social science.Graduates have the important job of organizing, running, and evaluating the effects of enjoyable, relaxing activities and the facilities that support them. They therefore play a major role in improving a society’s physical and mental health, community cohesiveness and inclusivity, and even factors like crime rates.Most recreation and leisure courses, including those taught at European schools, offer a broad amount of flexibility in terms of the syllabus you can construct. Undergraduate students may focus on sports club supervision, working with vulnerable individuals, park management, art in the community, event management, and perhaps several other areas. A bachelor’s degree typically includes a fair amount of practical training and doing an internship is highly advisable.People who choose this major should have a true desire to work with groups of people, especially children and teens. Some creativity and excellent organizational abilities will also be huge benefits in any recreation and leisure career.