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As anyone who's ever had a fear of public speaking can tell you, sharing a message with multiple people is very different from just talking to somebody. Even a convincing argument can fall flat if it's presented in the wrong way.​As it turns out, effectively interacting with a mass of people relies on certain techniques and principles that apply whether you're trying to sell a new gadget, improve a brand's visibility, promote a political opinion, or whatever. A degree in public relations and advertising exposes you to these fundamentals and teaches you to apply them over several different media: print, online, using social channels, in television, and so forth.​Public relations and advertising include aspects of journalism, brand management, practical psychology, corporate communications, copywriting, creativity, crisis communication, and ethics. Unfortunately, though all of these subjects are closely linked, relatively few European universities offer combined public relations and advertising degrees. Most English-language programs in the Old World specialize in one aspect or another, with many focusing on the digital sphere.​Most students also gain useful skills in video production, graphic design, and web technologies. Good faculties generally foster close relationships with the industry, meaning that students are taught both high-level theory and abilities that are practically valued. ​Students with critical thinking abilities, a creative mindset, empathy and intuition, and good language skills tend to shine in this field. The ability to connect with various kinds of people is also sought after in today's multicultural world.